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January 12, 2015


Richard Gould-Saltman

Always a bad idea to get too literary, if Bedsworth's on the appeal panel. He's the court's reigning literary stylist, and doesn't want to be upstaged...

Mike and Marc reply:

Justice Bedsworth, as well as former Presiding Justice Sills of the same court (who died somewhat prematurely a few years ago), do have their distinctive styles, acknowledged as much by Justice Perluss of the Second District in the unpublished decision of Marriage of Silverman, Case No. B208172 (2d Dist., Div. 7 Sept. 8, 2011) (unpublished; see our Sept. 11, 2009 post). Justice Bedsworth also has an engaging column in The Orange County Lawyer, entitled “A Criminal Waste of Space.” Justice Perluss himself is a colorful writer, but we could also add these based on opinions we have read over the years of blogging: Justices Yegan, Aronson, Moore, and Mallano. In the more distant past, Justice Gardner wrote many opinions with flair—and also known for their terseness.

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